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A few photos from our recent gig in Ulm in the South of Germany! Credit to Samuel Tschaffon for the shots! What a festival! ulmer.zelt

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Big silly, windy plane journey again. Munich, come here to me ✈️

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Epic weekend in Germany with Andre & The F60 crew who as usual fed and watered us and allowed us to play in their beautiful part of the world. Here we are waiting on Schnizels

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We’ve a couple of shows in Germany in June so we spent the morning rattling through the new album stuff. Please note: extreme male nudity contained within and apologies in advance #excitable #ooohaaaarrrrr #therapparees #whowearsshortshorts 🤢

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We had two aims for our last album. 1. Create an album of all-Ulster music 2. Make an even more terrible cover than Wrappad Up. We succeeded. The cow later took us to court for royalties. Re:Session – on Spotify, amazon & Apple Music NOW. #haveagreatweekend

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Like some kind of banjo playing Easter bunny, we’ve just sorted your Easter weekend. Album number 2, ‘Wrapped Up’ is now online featuring us lads Wrapped in Joe’s mammy’s left over Christmas paper on the cover. #wrappedup #therapparees #whatwerewethinking

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With all the excitement of Paddy’s day, we forgot to mention we had Eamon Murray in the studio last week laying down tambourine on our new record. Eamon played the tambourine on all our albums and we can honestly say we wouldn’t want anyone else in charge of these jingly little boyos.

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Thanks a million to everyone who braved the outrageously un-Spring like conditions last night to come to our sold out show in The Empire. As we mentioned last night, The Rapparees’ march into the 21st Century continues with the launch of 2008’s Clarity on digital platforms, including Spotify… 70cl on repeat should help the hangovers lads….

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We were in with Pamela Ballantine this morning filming our new song Newry Highwayman for UTV Life which airs tonight at 8pm on UTV :)

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That’s Paddy’s Day completely sold out folks – looking forward to a big one in The Belfast Empire on Saturday :)

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